1902968_595530170522269_1062703341_nForgotten Felines does not have a shelter. Unfortunately all of our foster homes are filled to capacity so we are unable to accept any cats or kittens at this time. We strive to help as many people as possible who are caring for cats and kittens they have found or must place in a home. However, with limited facilities to house the cats until they can be adopted, we must depend on the caretakers and those concerned for the cats welfare to help as well and be part of the solution. The majority of cats turned in to Animal Services are euthanized due to a lack of space. Owner turn-ins can be euthanized immediately so there are very limited long term options for cats. If you can and are willing to foster we can work with you. If you are interested in TNR (trap, neuter and release) we can work with you as well!

We hope that you will choose to be part of the solution so that many more lives can be saved!